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Absolutely – please check out our website. There is a dedicated 0872 number 08721002010 as for the straight service and easychatPINs are also available for gayChat minute Bundles.

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As the Video explains, we recommend that you leave a fairly short but friendly message, and include your age and where you are from – location or country. Remember that other users will be listening to your message for the first time, so make it interesting but not rude!

Category: Speakeasy Service

Absolutely. The first thing to do is to play the short 2 minute Video at the top of the Home Page. This allows you to hear exactly what message you receive when you call the chatline service and explains how to set up your Greetings Message for other users to hear.

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Because Speakeasy is a serious chatline, dedicated to introducing singles to each other. It is not a Sex Line. It is for normal people who would like to find someone who shares similar interests and maybe start a relationship. We believe that provocative photos of attractive girls and men who have no connection whatsoever with Speakeasy is misleading to our chatline users

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A chatroom exists on the internet and is accessed via a website. It does not have an app associated with it. Some chatrooms require a membership fee: photos and videos can be exchanged and there is usually free chat messaging between chatroom users, but not instant. The chatroom is more like a forum where ideas and opinions are expressed on different topics, and it is not private. The Speakeasy chatline service is not only private, but it is also “real time”, and you know you will be talking with someone who shares the same reason as you for being on the end of the phone.

Category: Speakeasy Service

The Speakeasy Chatline is about private talking and chatting – it is not a dating site where photos and videos can be exchanged. We believe that any new relationship starts with a chat – you can learn many things about somebody by chatting! The next step is up to you, and there are many ways to communicate further when you have found somebody special, and you feel comfortable enough to exchange more information about yourself.

Category: Speakeasy Service

Users of the Speakeasy straight service are English speaking men and women over 18 who are looking to make new friends and have a romantic and Private chat on the phone. Most Speakeasy users are from the UK, but more and more are international – from the USA, Canada and other English speaking countries, who are using our International easyChat PIN service. Speakeasy is a perfect introductory service which may well lead to romance and dating.

Category: Speakeasy Service
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